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Below are items that have been posted in previous MWC2017 Trip Updates that may be of use to new USA skiers -- or -- as reminders for folks that misplaced previous notes. This page will continue to be updated throughout the trip. Bookmark it and refer back as needed. For the newest updates go to the Trip Updates Page. Feb25_MWC2017_ResList.pdf

MWC2017 Event Website (schedules and other stuff)

Official Engadin Ski Marathon site

General Klosters Maps & Detailed MWC Maps (both from event website, very useful)

USA Hotel Links

Swiss Federal Office of Meteorology and Climate (Klosters forecast mid-page)

Weather.com Klosters Forecast

j2ski Weather Forecast

Tourism Site for Davos/Klosters (short term forecast, conditions, webcams)

Webcam near Klosters

Webcam near Davos (and Kessler's Kulm Hotel)

The Official FIS description of the new max classic pole length rule


AXCS Resource For International Ski Travel (a must read!)
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AXCS Resource For Baggage Packing
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Diana's Contact Info:
Diana Lynn Rau (The Travel Society)
866-759-6867 or 970-887-3095


Instructions for paying my MWC2017 Lodging Package OR Additional Amounts Due Via AXCS
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MWC2017 Official Schedule (and general official event website info)
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MWC Pre-Trip Countdown Items

Several important items are now posted in this mini-resource of key things you should take care immediately. Stuff includes...
--> Info on waxing and how to prepare;
--> Taking care of yourself the week prior;
--> Packing Smart;
--> Healthy Habits On The Way Over:
--> Healthy Habits Once We Arrive;
--> Getting Cash Currency;
--> What To Do If You Encounter Problems or Delays In Travel;
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General Ground Transport (to and from Klosters-Zurich airport)

USA CHARTER TRANSFERS arrival or departure info

1.) The AXCS MWC2017 Trip Chart has color-coded arrival and departure transfer groups marked. IMPORTANT: If you are listed on the chart for a certain bus to or from Klosters, you will be charged for that transfer if you don't tell J.D. about a correction by Friday, February 24! We have to lock in logistics with the bus company and prices per person have to be fixed.

2.) See Saturday, Feb 25 update for arrival info on where to find the ground transfers.

3.) For payment, AXCS is going to deduct the total cost of your ground transfers from the amount paid on your behalf for lodging to the various USA hotels. So, for example, if J.D. has two transfers at a total cost of 90 CHF -- exactly that amount will still be due to pay for lodging when J.D. arrives at the hotel. The hotels all have charts with your name and the exact amount of the lodging bill that AXCS paying -- and the exact amount you have left to pay.

4.) All of you in the lodging package will need to use a credit card at the hotels for incidental expenses. So when it comes time to check-out at your hotel, the hotels will charge that credit card the same cost of your ground transfers to get your lodging balance all square.

5.) You can easily figure out how much you'll need to pay at your hotel for ground transfers by looking at AXCS MWC2017 Trip Chart and matching up your color-code in the little index at the very bottom of the chart. Estimated costs are listed along with estimated departure times for every bus.


Taking TRAINS arrival or departure info Some of you need to take trains inbound to Klosters, a few others need departure trains. Swiss Railways Website is the best website for figuring out routes and prices.

If you are staying in Klosters itself (all official USA hotels except Kessler's), you want to take the train from Zurich airport to Klosters Platz station. Try for routes with only 2 changes. There are many options every day and the price is reasonable. The only hassle is getting your gear on and off the trains at changes. Be aware you need to move quickly and it will pay to pack light!

You can see on the MWC2017.com map page where the station is relative to town and the stadium. You'll be about a 3-8 minute walk from the station to all USA hotels in Klosters except Bad Serneus.

If you are staying at Kessler's Kulm Hotel, the hotel's station (out the door) is Davos Wolfgang. So if you can get a ticket direct to that station -- you are lucky. Again, try for routes with fewer changes. Prepare to move fast and pack light! Kessler's says that not every nationwide Swiss train stops at Davos Wolfgang. So if you find a route that only goes to Davos Dorf -- buy that ticket and anticipate that once in Davos you'll then need to take a local train (the one that runs between Davos and Klosters) back up to Davos Wolfgang. You probably will have to buy another local train ticket in Davos since you won't yet have your special local transport pass you get at hotel check-in. You can also opt to just snag a taxi for the short trip up to the hotel.

Should you buy train tickets in advance or at the airport train station?
Answer: It depends. You might save $ by buying in advance. But you do run the risk of having delayed flights which then leaves you at the mercy of the terms of your ticket (all the train tickets have options, you have to read the fine print). The airport train station is easy to find and the ticket counter line moves fast. Everyone speaks English and they are very helpful. Unless you are in a super rush, J.D. advises you wait until you arrive at ZRH and buy your ticket after arrival.


How do I get my race packet?

This page has the hours and locations for packet pick-up…

This page has maps of places you need to find for packets…

For those new to the MWC, your packet will have one bib and (probably) a timing chip in it. You will use both bib and chip for all races that you do. When you wrap up your MWC racing, you’ll turn in the chip (or else there will be a financial penalty) — but you keep the bib as a souvenir.


Local Transportation

This Worlds is going to be similar to the MWC2014 in Austria that depended on existing local buses to transport skiers around. But this year it’ll be even better.

For most of the USA contingent staying in USA hotels (everyone except Bad Serneus folks), you will either be within reasonable walking distance of the Sport Center, stadium and down town Klosters — or — (for folks at Kessler’s) you are the local train ride of 18 scenic minutes away the Klosters train station that puts you within easy walking distance of all of the above.

For those staying at Bad Serneus, plan on finding a bus route timetable at your hotel on your first morning and you'll use the Davos Klosters Card you'll get at check-in as payment. Pay attention where the bus drops you off at the stadium so you know where to catch the bus when you want to go back to the hotel.

For those staying at Kessler's Kulm, plan on asking at the hotel for train timetables down to Klosters and exactly where the Wolfgang station is relative to the hotel (it's a short walk). Make sure you ask for precise directions on how to catch the right trains back up to the the hotel after you ski or hang out in Klosters. Apply same system for excursions into Davos.

So anyone staying in down town Klosters, your need of local shuttle bus transportation is basically zero except if you have a desire to visit a local attraction not related to the MWC.

For those that DO want to get somewhere not in the immediate down town of Klosters, the cost of local buses and local trains will be included on your Davos Klosters Card which comes with your lodging package. The timetable for local buses is going to be available at your hotel (the on-line version is only in German).


Let Us Entertain You

The MWC2017 O.C. has done a stellar job of setting up stuff aside from the MWC official events for you to see and do. If you get bored on this trip — well, it’s your own dang fault!

Not only will your Davos Klosters Card get you around on buses, trains, and cable cars to do loads of stuff — but the O.C. has set up special programs that you will want to start checking out now at the links below. Note that several offers have minimum requirements so if something sounds fun, you will want to start talking buddies into joining in ASAP.

Tourism Office Programs During The MWC

Official Event Website Programs During The MWC


Team USA Meetings and Information

Because we are a huge group and fairly spread out geographically, this is one of those WMC trips where nightly Team USA meetings before races isn’t practical. There will be two exceptions noted below.

For the most part, J.D. Downing will disseminate information from Team Captain’s Meetings via daily postings on the MWC2017 trip pages of xcskiworld.com and an occasional group email.

Two In-Person USA Meetings

The only two USA meetings we will have on this trip are as follows:

Friday, March 3: USA Q & A Session
Silvretta ParkHotel
(exact location in the hotel TBD, we'll try and have a sign in the lobby)

This Q&A is intended to be an opportunity for USA folks to ask J.D. questions in person. Hopefully most questions are getting answered on the webpages and emails — but it’s nice to at least offer something in person early in the trip.

We will have the Opening Ceremony from 6-7pm a short walk away, so for folks at the outlying hotels this is about as convenient as we can make it for you to drop by prior to the Opening. **

Thursday, March 9: USA Relay Team Meeting
Silvretta ParkHotel
(exact location in the hotel TBD, we'll try and have a sign in the lobby)

This Relay Meeting is MANDATORY for all racers named to relay teams plus alternates! This meeting will allow you to meet your relay teammates plus allow us to quickly go over the logistics of the relays. We have a good chance for some excellent results so please everyone take this meeting seriously in terms of attendance.


USA Race Registration Lists

The following updated Datasport lists show many (most? all?) of the various USA registrations and change requests. Note that these lists do not show your WMA-FIS seeding points.


USA Women

The following is the official WMA output for USA race registration list updated as of end of the day on Monday, 6 February. Where you see orange or yellow means that J.D. is making a request for a change that has NOT been confirmed yet. Everything in white is official. So a lot of previous change requests have been made correctly. RegistrationUSA_06.02.2017.pdf

IMPORTANT -- We are now past the point where changes can be made with race registration. So whatever you see on this spreadsheet is what it's going to be next month -- period. USA already has asked for about a week extension on changes so we've already used up our favors with the O.C. and WMA volunteers.


How does the relay work?

Answer: The USA is allowed to enter one relay team per relay category. For men that is the regular 5-year categories. For women it is 10-year categories (WMA is trying to change this, but it's a slow process).

The USA Relay Availability Sheet is now posted as a google.doc. Please everyone go to this page and mark your status for the relays on March 10. Just type in the info next to your name and exit the page. The info you type in is automatically saved.

Please EVERYONE mark down "yes" or "no". Even if you do not believe you'll ever be needed for a USA relay, please mark the sheet yes or no if you want to be considered for the relay teams. If you don't want to relay, that info is also needed on the sheet so that J.D. knows you marked it and aren't just ignoring the emails or this webpage! :-)

Yes, you can change your mind in coming days up until the point during the race week (which is still TBD) where J.D. has to sit down and figure out teams for submission the next day.

As National Director, J.D. Downing is tasked with naming the relay teams + alternates. J.D. takes this job very, very, very seriously and every single one of you that says you are interested/available will be seriously considered.

First criteria will be results from every race prior to when the relay teams have to be announced. This year that may allow the distance race(s) to be included. Often the teams pick themselves, but occasionally it'll be a gut-feeling or coin-flip or a quirk of WMA rules that decides what team we field.

We have a huge team so we have a great chance for several relay medals.


I want to book a night at a good Zurich airport hotel either just after arrival or just before departure flights.
AXCS recommends using the Hotel Welcome Inn which is about a 7 minute shuttle from the Zurich Airport terminal. AXCS Director J.D. Downing has personally stayed at the Inn which has good rates, nice clean rooms, staff friendly, safe neighborhood, good food options at the hotel & nearby, plus a hilltop park a couple blocks away for walking/jogging & city views.

For easier logistics (both you and AXCS), all skiers should reserve and pay for your own airport hotel. You can also ask Diana Lynn Rau to do this booking.

AXCS has contacted the hotel and you can get discounted rates by reserving a stay on-line first -- then email the hotel to tell them you are part of the American XC Skiers Federation. They'll give you the special rates when you check in and pay. To set up the initial booking you'll want to use the "Flexible Rate" on-line option (but also note that the non-refundable 20% off rate is actually better than what AXCS has arranged...obvious downside is that it's non-refundable...but so you know).

Special Ski Federation rates are.... Monday to Thursday: Single room CHF 87.50 including taxes without breakfast.....Twin/double CHF 110.00 including taxes without breakfast Friday to Sunday: Single room CHF 82.50 including taxes without breakfast.....Twin/double CHF 105.00 including taxes without breakfast Breakfast buffet CHF 18.00 per person......Express breakfast CHF 8.00 per person

IMPORTANT: The hotel website may or may not accept your reservation. If you cannot get a reservation to work using the hotel website, just go to generic hotel booking websites like Expedia.com or Hotels.com and make a refundable or non-refundable reservation that way. J.D. has confirmed that option works fine. Once again, you can get the very best price (better than the "Federation" deal above) by going the non-refundable route.


Course Preview Notes & Training Advice (prepared by AXCS National Director J.D. Downing)

My descriptions will make more sense if you also open the official website page with course maps found here.

The MWC2017 courses begin in a greenbelt in the heart of the Klosters village area. The greenbelt runs parallel to the Landquart River that carves the entire drainage valley we ski up and down for every race.

Every course will start off very gently. You'll leave a very large stadium area and then ski to a new bridge project that crosses the river to then wind slightly uphill towards a small Aeuju neighborhood outside the village core. At the neighborhood (and a street crossing) you'll have the first actual uphill of the races.

The 5km for eldest classes goes up that first bigger hill (on pastures) and then turns to come home again more or less retracing the same pattern above.

The 10km crosses the neighborhood, the street, more pastures, and the river again to then do some more roller coaster terrain on both sides of the river before coming back down valley to the greenbelt.

The 15km adds a few switchbacks to the 10km route plus a really neat section of super winding terrain in the higher valley semi-forested region.

Both the 5km and 10km will hardly ever be outside greenbelt or pasture so you can pretty much count on being in wide open spaces the entire race. It'll be fantastic for spectating (at least for those with good distance vision), but we do have to hope there won't be a lot of blowing snow as you are going to be super exposed. Skiers from places like Sun Valley, Methow, Park City, and Colorado will feel fairly at home in the open spaces (just much lower elevation).

These courses have a lot of fun terrain flow once you get past the 2-3km point of the 10km and 15km races. The river drainage has great terrain options and since they can groom anywhere they like, the O.C. is planning on giving you some fun downhills and reasonable uphill climbs. Course width shouldn't be a problem and is easy to solve everywhere. Waxing will depend on how much snow changes from town to the high points of the courses. We'll have to discover that together in the first few days after arrival.

The 5km course certainly has a gentle profile, but it isn't dead flat. You'll be tested over time, but generally plan on fairly steady up's and down's vs. any steep short hills. Waxing should be really stable for this course which is good news.

Training Advice

For certain you want to be ready for long grinding hills as there is plenty of terrain to tackle and recovery will tend to come in buckets on the final third rather than constantly as you work up-valley. Best advice is prepare for those long grinds over any other specific prep.

We'll find out when we arrive, but these shouldn't be courses where you absolutely have to start like a bolt of lightening to get in a certain position in the first 1-2km. You should have enough time in all races to work yourself into a good spot regardless of your seed. That said, it always pays to be ready for the speed of an international start with lots of really good skiers on the line (that is if you are one of our horses that can run with the ponies in your age group). So don't neglect some start practice these final weeks. :-).


Trip Insurance (a seriously vigorous reminder)
Every year AXCS urges MWC trip participants to get travel insurance. The bottom line reason is that "life happens" (illness/injury, family stuff, work stuff, etc.) and sometimes folks can't go on the trip after we hit non-refundable deadlines.

If you get an insurance package within a short period after you buy your air tickets you can qualify for packages that will cover pre-existing health issues. If you don't have any health issues, it's a good idea to get travel insurance ASAP so that anything that might crop up in the next 4 months would be covered.

Many AXCS members have used Travel Guard in the past with good results, but feel free to shop around for your best package. If you'd like help, Diana Lynn Rau is happy to help book a package (with her fees covered by the insurer!).

Diana's Contact Info:
Diana Lynn Rau (The Travel Society)
866-759-6867 or 970-887-3095


FIS Maximum Classic Pole Length Rule

In the January 20 email update you were all told that the WMA (World Masters Association) was not going to enforce the new FIS rules on maximum pole length for classic races at the 2017 Masters World Cup.

Effective the end of January, that changed.

On January 24 and without warning, several top FIS officials gave WMA an ultimatum that WMA had to enforce the new pole rules or else FIS would not send a FIS Technical Delegate to the MWC2017. The T.D. is significant because without one the MWC loses status as an official FIS race which is important to masters in a few countries (totally doesn't matter in the USA or Canada). There were also liability and organizational issues for the Klosters O.C. as well.

Despite a week of communication and a ton of wasted time/effort, the FIS refused to budge. So WMA was in a no-win situation and has had to agree to enforce the rule.

So your classic poles can be no longer than 83% of your height in ski boots. The pole measured from the tip to the top of the strap.

How well enforcement will go at the MWC is a great question. This is a big reason why WMA wanted to wait a year before deciding whether to implement this rule.

J.D. Note: This has been a very frustrating and very political experience. To anyone inconvenienced, please accept my apologies. The WMA did everything possible to fight this. What would work for countermoves in the USA doesn't work internationally. If you would like to vent, please visit the FIS website and look up contact information for the Cross Country Committee. FIS_CLPoles_rule.pdf


What if I need to stay one night near the Zurich Airport (inbound or outbound) because of really early or really late flights?

Answer: AXCS has a recommended hotel and has arranged a discount. You'll book this part of the trip on your own (it's easier that way).

You are welcome to stay anywhere you like in Zurich, but note that if we can get the ground shuttle to stop at any hotel in addition to the departure terminal -- the recommended hotel will be it.

Complete info on setting up a reservation and pricing is found on the main MWC2017 AXCS page.


Zurich Stuff To Do:
A couple folks have asked about things to do in Zurich if you have just a few hours to check out the city. Here's one page with some suggestions.

Note that Swiss airlines allows you to check bags for international flights out of Zurich many hours in advance of departure. There is also a bag storage service in the airport (yes, they'll take skis) for carry-on bags or if you are flying on an airline that won't allow really early bag check.


Any updates on ski service by Boulder Nordic Sport?

Answer: Click on this link to find info on the waxing services that Boulder Nordic Sport will be offering USA MWC2017 skiers during the trip.

We have two waxing containers that will be exclusively for BNS and overall Team USA use right at the stadium. This space will be in addition to waxing spaces at all hotels and a general stadium waxing area for all nations.


Terms of trip deposits: The deposit holds your room/board space in your AXCS hotel for the number of nights you request. If you cancel on or by August 31, you will be refunded all but $50 (per person) of your deposit. For cancellations between September 1 - October 31, all but $75 (per person) of your deposit will be refunded. Refunds on cancellations starting November 1 will be subject to hotel policies (see below) with AXCS retaining a minimum $125 (per person, a portion of which is tax deductible). AXCS urges all skiers to have travel insurance to protect your trip investment!

MWC2017 Hotel Cancellation Policies (all USA hotels are using the same terms)
Should you need to withdraw from a reservation, the following conditions / fees shall apply:
- Cancellation up to 60 days prior to arrival date => no fees
- Cancellation 59 to 30 days prior to arrival date => 50% of the entire booking amount
In case the room might not be rented out after cancellation, the hotel reserves the right to charge up to 50% of the entire booking amount (either by bill or to charge directly the credit card)
- Cancellation 29 to 7 days prior to arrival date => 80% of the entire booking amount
In case the room might not be rented out after cancellation, the hotel reserves the right to charge up to 80% of the entire booking amount (either by bill or to charge directly the credit card)
- Cancellation 6 to 0 days prior to arrival date => 100% of the entire booking amount
In case the room might not be rented out after cancellation, the hotel reserves the right to charge up to 100% of the entire booking amount (either by bill or to charge directly the credit card)
“No Show" => In case of no show without prior cancellation, the hotel reserves the right to charge 100% of the entire booking amount to the credit card or to send a bill for the respective amount.