It's Time To Get XC Fit!

Experienced skiers know that XC fitness isn't just a wintertime pursuit. Racer or recreational skier, training and conditioning (whether specific to XC skiing or not) needs to be a part of your lifestyle every day of the year.

Here in the Training and Technique section, you can find plenty of information on nearly every aspect of XC conditioning and technique from stuff for never-ever beginners all the way up to super-experts!

The latest additions to this section are listed on this page, for permanent and archived features/links, use the drop-down navigation menus (up above) to find what you need.

Have a great ski year!

Guide to Rollerboards and Wind Machines
Ski specific training in the gym and garage. Featuring links to on-line rollerboard plans and commercial sources.

July Sample Training Guidelines
Summer suggestions for elite skiers but worthwhile for any high level racer. By U.S. national program coach Pete Vordenberg.

If You Only Have The Weekend by Jeff Schloss (Far West/Auburn Ski Club Coach)
PDF file article originally appearing in the Far West Nordic News on limited snowtime training/racing ideas.

North American Vasa
North American Vasa