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2019 Masters World Cup: Beitostølen, Norway

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Information near the top of this page is an index of links for USA skiers already going to MWC2019. Scroll down this page for info if you are brand new to the trip.


Important Trip Links for the USA MWC2019 Contingent

Team USA MWC2019 Event Registration Helper Page -- https://www.xcskiworld.com/mwc2019-event-registration-helpful-info

Official MWC Registration List Page -- https://services.datasport.com/2019/winter/mwc/
Important Note: This page does not update immediately. After you register, it will take 24-48 hours for your name and race data to appear

Team USA MWC2019 Bus Transport Page -- http://www.xcskiworld.com/beitostolen-2019-bus-transport

Team USA MWC2019 Lodging Final Payment & Terms Page -- https://www.xcskiworld.com/mwc2019-final-balance-payment

Team USA MWC2019 General Lodging Info Page -- http://www.xcskiworld.com/beitostolen-2019-lodging

Team USA Birken Extension Page -- http://www.xcskiworld.com/mwc2019-birken-extension

AXCS International Pre-Trip Planning Help Page -- http://www.xcskiworld.com/international-xc-ski-travel-101

USA Participant FAQ (including detailed race stuff about the relays, seeding, etc.) -- https://xcskiworld.com/mwc-usa-participant-faq

Official organizer website -- http://www.MWC2019.com

Norwegian Birkebeiner website -- http://www.birkebeiner.no/en/

General lodging/reference map to Beitstolen area -- https://www.j2ski.com/ski_resorts/Norway/Beitostolen_Map.html
Note: stadium is located on southern edge of village on Tjednbakkvegen.

For specific Travel Help not provided by AXCS (airfare, travel insurance or arrangements outside the MWC and Birken extension dates), AXCS recommends Diana Lynn Rau of The Travel Society:
970.887.3095 or 970.655.8036 or Dianalrau@cs.com


How To Sign Up For The MWC2019 AXCS Trip:

Important Note for folks that do not need a Lodging Package:
If you do not want/need AXCS to set up your lodging for the MWC2019, then you will be what AXCS calls an "independent" skier when it comes to the AXCS travel package. Scroll a little bit down this page to just below the "AXCS Travel Package Info" to see special instructions on what you are required to do to keep in touch with AXCS over the coming months and get registered for the MWC2019.

Updated AXCS Travel Package (last update Monday, December 10)
a. Depending literally on the week or day, AXCS might have USA Lodging scenarios available for (very) late additions to the trip. If you are interested, email jd at xcskiworld dot com as soon as possible with your interest -- and also please be sure to describe in detail how flexible you are on being placed (examples: if you are willing to be in a shared apartment; if you are a single or double room booking; if you are single, if you are willing to be placed in a two bed room with a same-gender roommate. Note that AXCS has zero options to add new hotel rooms of any size. Further every new apartment option will need others to fill every room. Finally note that the resort is not keen about shorter stays than the 10 nights of the main AXCS contingent.

b. It is very likely that AXCS will have some late cancellations out of our existing Team USA reservations. Life tends to happen and with such a large contingent, it is probable a few of our folks will need to drop out in coming months. This means that even if you can't commit to the trip until as late as the end of January -- it may still be possible to find lodging spots by having you replace one of our cancellations right up to the MWC event deadline. Email jd at xcskiworld dot com at any point up to close of registration (31 January) to find out what is still possible.


Information for "Independent" Lodging USA Skiers

Step #1.) Email AXCS National Director J.D. Downing << jd at xcskiworld dot com >> to notify AXCS that you intend to register for the MWC2019 and that you need to be added to the Team USA MWC2019 Email Update List. The emails until the trip is over will contain a lot of info for the Lodging Package folks that you don't need, but there will also be constant reminders and useful tips for all USA skiers. This is also the only way that J.D. can communicate with hundreds of USA skiers about critical race info (the Worlds is not like a citizen race where you just talk directly to the organizers, participants must work with the various National Directors).

Step #2.) Make sure you have a current 2018/19 AXCS membership. All USA skiers are required to have AXCS membership in place before you attempt to register for the MWC2019 -- http://www.xcskiworld.com/about

Step #3.) Please be advised when it does come time for registration later this fall, AXCS has a system we call “fair share fees” that are requested of independent lodging folks at the time of registration. These funds are required from every USA racer help cover the association costs for representation within the WMA and also considerable annual costs at the MWC. Folks that are doing the lodging package automatically have the fee built in to their packages — but for “independent” lodging we obviously have to do a separate collection system. You will not be charged this fee via the organizer registration — it’s only billed via AXCS once you actually register. The fee this year is estimated to be no higher than $50.


MWC2019: Lots More General Info

Pronounced: Buy - toe - stolen

AXCS Trip Dates: March 4 - 15, 2019...a couple days longer to add the Norwegian Birkebeiner (MWC Competition Dates: March 8-14, 2019)

Best Travel Plan: International flights to Oslo-Gardermoen (OSL). Then local buses, AXCS charter bus, or rental cars three and a half driving hours direct to Beitostølen at the gateway to the western Norwegian mountains.


This year we are (finally) going back to the middle of where this whole Nordic thing started -- Norway. It’s been a long time between MWC visits, but this one is going to be worth it.

Not only will there be a fantastic week-plus of skiing and racing in one of the favorite ski resorts of native Norwegians -- but the organizers shifted the dates for the MWC2019 to perfectly line up with the 2019 Norwegian Birkebiener as the ultimate finale.

Yes indeed, this one has “bucket list times two” written all over it.

Beitostolen itself is a small village of 400 with the surrounding area up to a total of 3200 year round residents. Located literally at the gateway to the spectacular western Norwegian mountains, the 2-lane highway closes for the winter immediately to the north of the village so this is truly the end of the road (very similar to Washington’s Methow Valley. At a modest 820m, the elevation is very reasonable while still providing great snow reliability.

When it comes to skiing, Beitostolen is the kind of place that comes to mind when folks fantasize about a Norwegian ski holiday. With over 320km of XC trails, absolutely incredible ski touring options, plus a small alpine hill to boot -- your biggest problem will be saving enough energy for the MWC races.

Off the trails, this is the type of MWC destination that is going to be most attractive to non-racers that still want to get out and ski a bunch. The village has a lovely collection of restaurants, pubs, and shops plus a few other tourist-friendly attractions to keep folks entertained. But places like Oslo (3 hours) and Lillehammer (2 hours) aren’t exactly next door and there is no a rail access. So skiing and the outdoors is the big appeal on this trip.

Organizationally, the local sports club is -- needlessly to say -- ridiculously qualified to be a MWC host. Beitostolen has played host to recent elite World Cup races in XC, biathlon, telemark, and ski-triathlon. Add in major Norwegian events such as National Championships and year-round citizen events with upwards of 2500-3000 participants -- these folks know what they are doing.

Finally, if we didn’t have you at “hello” on this trip, as both the whipped cream and cherry on top, factor in the great grandaddy of the XC ski racing universe -- the Norwegian Birkebeiner (aka “the Birken”). 54km of classic technique from Rena to Lillehammer with the best origin story of any endurance event on the planet. You can’t say you’ve done it all in this sport without putting this one on the wall folks.

Said it before, will keep saying -- if not now -- when?


AXCS Trip Guesstimated Financial Breakdown

Lodging Costs Note: As per most years, AXCS is listing hotel packages as a 10 night stay. For those staying for the Birken, a guesstimate of costs for the extension is listed on the Birken extension page (see top of this page for link). It is OK to shorten the MWC trip with earlier/later dates.

4 Star Hotel Rooms
The estimated cost on the AXCS reserved lodging pack- age is listed using a 10 night stay including Halfboard meals (breakfast + dinner), all taxes, & AXCS fees. Prices are listed in Norwegian Kroner (NOK). Packages are subject to change as AXCS re nes this trip. AXCS always works to keep prices as low as possible!
Double Room (per person) -- 11,100 NOK (includes 10 nights lodging, halfboard meals, all AXCS fees)
Single -- 14,650 NOK (includes 10 nights single lodg- ing, halfboard meals, all AXCS fair share fees)

AXCS has a blocked reservation of 4-person apartments with two bedrooms. Reduced cost available with no half- board.
Apartment Double (per person) -- 9,550 NOK (in- cludes 10 nights lodging, halfboard, all AXCS fees)
Apartment Single -- 12,100 NOK (includes 10 nights single lodging, halfboard meals, all AXCS fair share fees)

Other Trip Cost Guesstimates

Air Transportation
A sample of current (as of March 2018) air fares for international ights to Oslo (OSL) is: ANC -- $1100, SFO -- $750, DEN -- $900, MSP -- $800, BOS -- $600.

Ground Transportation ($200)
USA charter buses or local bus. Rental cars higher cost.
Note: Once in Beitostolen the MWC2019 organizers will provide basic local transportation plus you can walk or ski everywhere. You will not need a rental car!

Bag Fees ($200-300)
Depends on your ights and airline status.

MWC2019 Race Entry (200 EUR)
Birken Extension: See Birken extension page for guesstimates. More info coming this fall.

Travel Insurance ($50-150)
AXCS strongly recommends using Travel Guard or other travel insurance for MWC trips. Cost varies, but this is a very important protection for both unanticipated trip cancellation as well as emergencies while on the trip.