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Beitostolen 2019 Team USA Page

2019 Masters World Cup: Beitostølen, Norway

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Information near the top of this page is an index of links for USA skiers already going to MWC2019. Scroll down this page for info if you are brand new to the trip.


Important Trip Links for the USA MWC2019 Contingent

AXCS International Pre-Trip Planning Help Page -- http://www.xcskiworld.com/international-xc-ski-travel-101

USA Participant FAQ (including detailed race stuff about the relays, seeding, etc.) -- https://xcskiworld.com/mwc-usa-participant-faq

USA Racer Beitostolen Course Notes -- http://www.xcskiworld.com/usa-racer-beitostolen-course-notes

Official MWC Registration List Page -- https://services.datasport.com/2019/winter/mwc/
Important Note: This page does not update immediately. After you register, it will take 24-48 hours for your name and race data to appear

Team USA MWC2019 Bus Transport Page -- http://www.xcskiworld.com/beitostolen-2019-bus-transport

Team USA Birken Extension Page -- http://www.xcskiworld.com/mwc2019-birken-extension

Touring Norway Advice from AXCS Members -- http://www.xcskiworld.com/mwc2019-norway-general-info

Team USA MWC2019 General Lodging Info Page -- http://www.xcskiworld.com/beitostolen-2019-lodging

Team USA MWC2019 Lodging Final Payment & Terms Page -- https://www.xcskiworld.com/mwc2019-final-balance-payment

Team USA MWC2019 Event Registration Helper Page -- https://www.xcskiworld.com/mwc2019-event-registration-helpful-info

Official organizer website -- http://www.MWC2019.com

Norwegian Birkebeiner website -- http://www.birkebeiner.no/en/

General lodging/reference map to Beitstolen area -- https://www.j2ski.com/ski_resorts/Norway/Beitostolen_Map.html
Note: stadium is located on southern edge of village on Tjednbakkvegen.

Beitostolen webcams -- https://beitolangrenn.no/webcam/

Weather forecast for Beitostolen -- https://www.yr.no/place/Norway/Oppland/%C3%98ystre_Slidre/Beitost%C3%B8len/

Beitostolen Ski Trails Grooming GPS Map -- https://skisporet.no/setView/61.2392907/8.9310586/12/norges_grunnkart

Øystre Slidre Municipality trail map of all trails throughout the municipality -- https://beitolangrenn.files.wordpress.com/2018/05/skilc3b8ypekart44sklka...

For specific Travel Help not provided by AXCS (airfare, travel insurance or arrangements outside the MWC and Birken extension dates), AXCS recommends Diana Lynn Rau of The Travel Society:
970.887.3095 or 970.655.8036 or Dianalrau@cs.com