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Cogne Waxing Notes

The notes below have been compiled by USA World Cup Superstar Andy Newell to help USA skiers prep for waxing at the MWC2020. Be sure to check out Andy's newish company Nordic Team Solutions to thank him for his advice: https://nordicteamsolutions.com

Flying with waxes: This should be no problem for customs and TSA. You are correct not to fly with wax remover but everything else should be fine, even the powders etc. You might want to double check that any liquid toppers you might have are not in an aerosol can.

Waxing in Cogne: From my experience Cogne often has classic italian conditions. High pressure, high altitude, cold nights that dip into the 20's and teens and then often slowly build to above freezing, especially in the sun. The courses there will have a strong man made base which can change a ski prep approach slightly.

Grinds: typically with a big man made base the groomers will churn up old man made snow from underneath . This snow is usually granular and dryer than natural snow. This means that (in the shade at least) its common for colder grinds to run well. The clear skies and even slightly cold temperatures over night will keep that kind of snow dry. So usually grinds on the colder to cold/universal run the best even if the air temperature is reading above freezing.

Glide wax: The thing to look out for in Cogne is that the stadium will be in direct sunlight in the afternoon, but in the morning it will be cold and shaded. So your glide wax choice will depend on when the start time is. If you start is early in the morning make sure to test in the shade and observe the days before when the trails/stadium break into the sun. The sun there is strong so once it hits the snow it will further transform the snow and warmer super high flouro waxes will be crucial. But not as crucial in the shade.

Kick: With the sun shaded in the stadium and potential direct sun out on other parts of the courses it can make kick waxing more difficult. The good news is if there is a high pressure system keeping the snow cold and dry over night, the man-made base won't transform quite as fast as natural snow in the sun. A safe bet for Cogne that time of year will be some kind of hard wax binder with a few dabs of klister mixed in, then hard wax on top. For the sections that are directly in the sun you will need to use a binder with more klister. If it hasn't snowed in a long time there is a chance it could be just straight klister conditions if temps get really high, but given what I know about the venue I would consider covering your klister. Always a good idea to bring zeros/harries if it does decide to actively snow during the race they could be a great option.