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MasterBlast: Time Management (June 2015)

Wed, 06/24/2015 - 15:56 -- JD

The following is a translated and summarized from an article by Irene Maardalen originally appearing in French magazine “Running Pour Elles” No. 23, 2014. Translation and summary by Inge Scheve exclusively for AXCS membership.

Mission Time Management

Ten golden rules to marry endurance sports and life

1. List your priorities.

2. Keep track of “to do’s” in a way that syncs across platforms (cell, tablet, computer)

3. Plan ahead. Prepare dinners in advance, set out what you need for the morning the night before.

4. Go for the essentials.

5. Train your kids to be independent: Expect that they do their homework, clean their rooms and help out around the house.

6. Share the load. You don’t have to do everything at home. Partners split the work and help each other out.

7. Announce your goals. Tell your coworkers, your friends and your family, and they will cheer for you and help you stay on track and on schedule.

8. Enlist a support crew. Identify which resources are available to you – professional as well as casual, resources to turn to on days when you think you’ll never reach your goals.

9. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Everybody has days when they rather just open a bottle and kick back. Be good to yourself.

10. Remember that your workout can be a great time to just unwind for yourself, regain balance and consciously feel the good juices flow. In other words, don’t overthink it. Just go!