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MWC2020 Final Balance Payment

This page describes how to pay AXCS for your MWC Lodging Final Balance or any other payments due for the MWC2020 trip.
Please note terms on all Lodging Balance payments mentioned on this page.

One option is to pay via a check/money order sent to AXCS at the address below. Just write a check payable to AXCS for the amount listed on your Final Balance Packet (make sure it's the amount specific to paying with a check/money order!) -- and mail check to:
PO Box 604
Bend, OR 97709

Second option is to pay via on-line credit/debit card payment — being aware that card processing fees make this amount 2.2% + 30 cents higher. To do the credit/debit card on-line option, you will need to note the Final Balance amount specific to credit/debit card payments on the invoice (it will be the higher amount in big font).

1.) Click on the shaded "Donate" box below.

2.) Put in the exact amount due listed for credit/debit card payment. Follow directions to complete your payment.

Terms of MWC2020 Lodging Package payments:

AXCS Cancellation Policies on Lodging Packages Arranged by the Association
Refunds on cancellations after November 1 will be subject to hotel policies (see below) with AXCS also retaining a minimum $125 (per person), a portion of which may be tax deductible. AXCS urges all skiers to have travel insurance to protect your trip investment!

MWC2020 Hotel Cancellation Policies (these policies are set by the lodging providers & all USA booking properties are using the same terms)
Should you need to withdraw from a reservation, the following conditions / fees shall apply:

Hotel room cancellation terms when the entire room is booked by one party (example: single or a couple in a double room):
-- Refund amounts to any individual USA booking party will be based on how many USA cancellations were made prior to the dates below. Once the total USA reservation exceeds the allowed cancellation numbers at each cut-off date, further cancellations will have refund amounts reduced up to and including no refunds possible.
-- From 15th October 2019 to 14th December 2019: cancellation free of charge up to 10% of the previous total USA reservation bookings.
- From 15th December 2019 to 14th February 2020: cancellation free of charge up to 10% of the previous total USA reservation bookings.
- From 15th February 2020: all cancellations must be fully paid and no refunds are possible for any reason.

Hotel room cancellation terms when a hotel room is shared by two separate booking parties
(example: two single men sharing a 2 bed room, one roommate has to cancel, thus leaving an "orphan" roommate):
-- All Hotel room cancellation terms above shall apply with shared rooms and in addition the following applies .....
-- Beginning 20 November 2019, all refunds in this booking classification will first be based on AXCS being able to secure a replacement for the space vacated by the cancelled booking party. All booked double hotel rooms must be paid for as double bookings except for an allowance of a few nights can be single rate (case-by-case basis how many a "few" means, AXCS will consult with Lodging Coordinator each time). If AXCS cannot find a replacement for the cancelled roommate, the cancelling party is responsible for all original charges on the room regardless of overall hotel cancellation policies and deadline dates.
-- All specific hotel cancellation terms from the OC Lodging Coordinator.

Apartment room or roommate cancellation terms
-- Please be advised that all booked apartment rooms must be paid for as either single or double bookings for each night of the overall apartment booking -- no exceptions. This means that all apartments functionally are a shared burden for all apartment-mates and thus cancellation policies are entirely subject to finding a replacement for vacated rooms or roommates rather than resort deadline dates as per hotel rooms.
-- AXCS is currently waiting for specific apartment cancellation terms from the OC Lodging Coordinator.