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Official AXCS NM2019 Preview Information.....

For the first time in AXCS history, masters from throughout the U.S. will visit the Rocky Mountain Division and the incredible Alley Loop Nordic Marathon weekend in Crested Butte, Colorado -- February 2-3, 2019.

One Weekend, Two Fantastic Races!

NM2019 racing will get started on Saturday, February 2 with 42km, 21km, & 10km distance freestyle individual races overlaid on the normal Alley Loop Nordic Marathon events. Remember that any adult skier can sign up for any distance you like at the Alley Loop just like any other year. "Official' NM2019 distances really only are significant for skiers that are interested in saying they were top "whatever" at the 2019 AXCS National Masters and folks interested in competing for the honorary U.S. Masters Team (top overall skiers best 2 of 2 results for both Saturday and Sunday in official NM2019 distances.

The "official" NM2019 Alley Loop freestyle distances for each age/gender category decided by the AXCS Board of Directors is as follows:

Saturday, February 2
42km Freestyle Alley Loop Marathon -- Females 30-64 years (F1-F7) -- Males 30-64 years (M1-M7)
21km Freestyle Alley Loop -- Females 65-74 years (F8-9) -- Males 65-74 years (M8-9)
10km Freestyle Alley Loop -- Females 75+ years (F10+) -- Males 75+ years (M10+)

Then on Sunday, February 3 a special NM2019 10km classic race will be held for all ages.

Sunday, February 3
10km classic NM2019 race -- Female skiers (all ages*) 10km classic NM2019 race -- Male skiers (all ages*)
* AXCS is working with Western State Colorado Univer- sity staff and Alley Loop organizers to see if it is feasible to offer a 5km cut-off for the Sunday races to allow skiers 74+ years to ski a 5km instead of the 10km. See coming MasterBlast emails and xcskiworld.com for more news on this potential change.

Alley Loop Nordic Marathon & 10km NM2019 Classic Registration is open. There is no special registration for the NM2019 -- just sign up on the normal marathon website. Look for the option to add the Sunday, February 3 10km classic) at the bottom of the registration page.

Criteria and past honorees for the U.S. Masters Team.

We’ll see you in Colorado February 2019!