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Official AXCS NM2019 Preview Information.....

For the first time in AXCS history, masters from throughout the U.S. will visit the Rocky Mountain Division and the incredible Alley Loop Nordic Marathon weekend in Crested Butte, Colorado -- February 2-3, 2019.

One Weekend, Two Fantastic Races!

NM2019 racing will get started on Saturday, February 2 with 42km, 21km, & 10km distance freestyle individual races overlaid on the normal Alley Loop Nordic Marathon events. Remember that any adult skier can sign up for any distance you like at the Alley Loop just like any other year. "Official' NM2019 distances really only are significant for skiers that are interested in saying they were top "whatever" at the 2019 AXCS National Masters and folks interested in competing for the honorary U.S. Masters Team (top overall skiers best 2 of 2 results for both Saturday and Sunday in official NM2019 distances.


*** Important Updated NM2019 Notes (January 10) ***

--> A special NM2019 award ceremony for the February 2 distance freestyle races will be held on Saturday, February 2: 6:30pm @ Crested Butte Nordic Center "Cat Barn” (620 2nd. Street - adjacent to CB Nordic Center). Light refreshments will be served.

--> Per traditional Alley Loop Nordic Marathon plans, the top 10 year age group skier in all Alley Loop races (official or unofficial NM distances) will receive a pint glass award. For the NM2019 awards ceremony, AXCS will provide gold-silver-bronze medals to all the other 5 year masters (30+ years) age group podium finishers. We heartily invite the skiers that received Alley Loop pint glass awards to also attend the evening NM awards to be recognized amongst your peers and enjoy the social scene -- but note that your pint glass will serve as your NM "medal" (you can put it to good use with the refreshments served :-).

--> For the Sunday classic races, all official NM2019 categories starting at ages 30-34 will receive gold-silver-bronze medals at a very short/sweet NM awards ceremony held immediately after classic race finish (approx. 2pm) @ the Crested Butte Nordic Center "Cat Barn”. Every effort will be made to expedite this ceremony so that skiers that need to begin travel home can do so in good time. Light refreshments served.

--> All master skiers racing both Saturday and Sunday events are asked to retain and bring your bib from Saturday to use in the Sunday classic races. Bib assignments for the classic race will remain the same from Alley Loop!

--> The Sunday classic races start at 12:00pm at Crested Butte Nordic Center. The races will be held on the modified homolgated course "Ruthie's Run" (see Nordic Center or Alley Loop maps). Profile for course is here: https://cbnordic.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Master.Nat_Elevation-Pro...

--> 2-3 wave starts will be used for Sunday classic starts depending on the final number of pre-registered NM skiers. Tentatively plan is all men up to 74 years start in one wave at 12pm and all women plus men 75+ start in one wave at 12:03pm. We will split the younger men's wave if numbers warrant. CB Nordic Grooming Operations will re-set classic track after a morning Collegiate competition.

--> The 2019 U.S. Masters Cross-country Team honorary award announcements will be made on xcskiworld.com early in the week following the NM2019. All honorees will then be sent an award item via postal mail courtesy of Podiumwear by Spring 2019.


The "official" NM2019 Alley Loop freestyle distances for each age/gender category decided by the AXCS Board of Directors is as follows:

Saturday, February 2
42km Freestyle Alley Loop Marathon -- Females 30-64 years (F1-F7) -- Males 30-64 years (M1-M7)
21km Freestyle Alley Loop -- Females 65-74 years (F8-9) -- Males 65-74 years (M8-9)
10km Freestyle Alley Loop -- Females 75+ years (F10+) -- Males 75+ years (M10+)

Sunday, February 3 @ 12:00pm -- NM2019 10/5/3.5km classic races
*** Updated Notes (January 10) ***: AXCS has worked with the Crested Butte Nordic, Western State Colorado University, and Alley Loop organizers to refine the plan for Sunday, February 3. Due to the terrain constrictions of the trails, the realities of back-to-back races, and the physiological realities of the elevation at the race site, modifications have been made to the official distances offered for the classic races (seen below). Any skier that wishes to race a longer distance than which is offered for your official category is welcome to "race down" in age group -- however, please note if you do this you will be considered part of that younger age group for both race and overall US Masters Team scoring.

Sunday, February 3
— 10km (3 x 3.36km) for men 30-74 years (M1-M9) & all women 30-59 (F1-F6)
— "5km" (2 x 3.36km) for women 60-69 (F7-8)
— 3.5km (1 x 3.36km) for men 75+ (M10+) and women 70+ (F9+)

Alley Loop Nordic Marathon & 10km NM2019 Classic Registration is open. There is no special registration for the NM2019 -- just sign up on the normal marathon website. Look for the option to add the Sunday, February 3 classic race at the bottom of the registration page.

The Alley Loop Nordic Marathon on-line Handbook has everything you need to know about the Saturday events plus several items for the Sunday 10/5km classic races....

Criteria and past honorees for the U.S. Masters Team.

We’ll see you in Colorado February 2019!