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Beitostolen 2019 Bus Transport

Team USA Bus Transport To/From Beitostølen MWC2019
(last update: October 23)

Immediately below is what USA skiers need to know about AXCS-booked Bus Transport to/from Beitostolen for the MWC2019 on Tuesday, 5 March (arrival) and then on Friday, 15 March (departure to either Gardermoen (Oslo airport) or Lillehammer. If you need to set up your own bus transport for other days or other locations, then scroll down this page to find that info.

Arrival Team USA Bus Transport on Tuesday, 5 March

--> When you have a firm arrival plan (meaning you've booked flights to Norway), email JD with your flights if arriving on March 5 or if you are arriving early.

--> All members of the USA contingent that need bus transport will be charted and a bus schedule created (months from now) based on your arrival times. For folks that arrive early (say someone that flies into Oslo on the 4th and spends the night at an airport hotel), those folks will be placed on the earlier buses going from Oslo airport to Beitostolen on March 5.

--> We will not know the exact price or schedule of arrival buses until JD can meet with Beitostolen organizers this fall. Thank you for your patience on this. We can tell you that in both directions, the direct bus ride does take 3-3.5 hours.

--> In general you should be able to book flights to arrive into Oslo Gardermoen Airport pretty much any time in the morning or afternoon on Tuesday, March 5 and you should have a bus option within a couple hours. But if you pick a flight arriving in the evening of the 5th -- we might not have a bus option for you. Be advised.

--> If you want to get to Beitostolen earlier or later than March 5, you will have to manage ground transport on your own (scroll down past departure info).

Departure Team USA Bus Transport on Friday, 15 March

--> Everyone doing one of the AXCS Birken extension options will automatically be placed on departure buses on Friday, March 15 for either Lillehammer or Oslo Gardermoen. Price and departure times will be coming later this fall or early winter (latest by mid-January).

--> Everyone else will be automatically factored into departure buses on Friday, march 15 for Oslo Gardermoen based on the time you give JD for your departing flight. It is important to book your departing flights for after 12pm (noon) to make sure we can get you to the airport in time for international check-in. Please note that the bus ride will take 3-3.5 hours and then you need at least 2 hours for airport check-in. Once again, price and exact bus schedules will be coming this fall.

--> If you are leaving Beitostolen earlier than Friday, March 15 it'll be the same situation as arrival irregular dates. AXCS is providing assistance info, but the actual logistics of ground transport will be your responsibility (see below).

--> If you are sticking around Oslo for a day or two but not doing the Birken, you can just email JD if you prefer a USA departing bus from Beitostolen early, mid-morning, or mid-day depending on your preferences. The bus trip takes 3-3.5 hours.

Individual or Small Group Bus Transport on other days (arrival)
(special thank you to Inge Scheve for helping prep this info)

First consult the published bus transfers from Gardermoen (Oslo) airport to Beitostølen. You can either input your day/time at https://www.nor-way.no or see page 2 of the PDF schedule -- note that times for March aren't current yet, but at least you can get an idea of when buses run. For most on-line searches, it's best to put in Oslo Bussterminal as your starting point as it'll simplify the search.

It is important and useful to understand that most bus options for the overall route will involve going from Gardermoen to the Oslo Bussterminal via a short train ride before you catch the actual bus. But on Thursday and Friday there is a direct bus from the airport to Beitostølen without going into Oslo first. The direct bus leaves the airport at 5:20pm.

To get to Oslo Bussterminal, take any train from the airport to Oslo. Note that the regular NSB train costs only half of the airport express train Flytoget, but takes only about 5 minutes longer -- so that is one way to immediately save a few bucks. Get off at Oslo S (Oslo Sentral stasjon) for a short walk to the adjacent bus terminal. You can buy train tickets with a credit card within the airport terminal departure level at convenient self-serve kiosks a very short walk from the international arrivals portal and just above the train platforms themselves. There are also helpful staff around if you get stuck on something.

For the overall bus journey, you want from Oslo Bussterminal, taking Valdresexpressen NW161 to Beitostølen. There are several departures on this route a day, the first at 8:40am (arrives Beitostølen at 12:37) and the latest at 7:05pm (19:05) Mon-Sun.

Note that the bus route out of Oslo Bussterminal will have an easy transfer to another bus in Fagernes that takes you the rest of the way -- about 40 minutes total from Fagernes to Beitostølen.

Buy tickets online at nor-way.no, for the best fare and confirmed seat.

Individual or Small Group Bus Transport on other days (departure back to Oslo/Gardermoen or Lillehammer)

Follow the instructions above regarding looking up schedules/fares on https://www.nor-way.no from Beitostølen to your destination on the day you select.

The fall schedule for Beitostølen to Lillehammer buses are.....
Leaves from Beitostølen daily at 2:45pm (14:45) arrives in Fagernes at 3:27pm (15:27). Transfer to bus NW162, which leaves at 3:33pm (15:33). Arrives in Lillehammer at 6pm (18:00)

You can opt to wait until we are in Beitostølen to actually buy your tickets for an outbound journey until you can talk with the very helpful tourism office located in the middle of the village area. Those folks may have some suggested routing (perhaps a more scenic route?) that isn't apparent on-line.